Warehouse of the National Opera

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Warehouse and logistics buildings

Nurmijärvi 2021


An extension with a steel frame is being made to the National Opera and Ballet’s warehouse building which is situated in Nurmijärvi. The extension has an area of approximately 3 100m2 and a volume of 45 500m³. When the extension is finished the entire area of the building will amount to approximately 10 400m².

A movable high-shelf system will be installed inside the hall. The storage shelves extend close to the bottom-chord of the trusses, which is at a height of 11 meters.

The length of the extension is 80 meters and the ridge height is 14,6 meters. The roof of the hall was supported by 38,5 meter long trusses. Rectangular hollow sections have been used in trusses and columns. Load-bearing profile plates were used to stiffen the roof plane. The object consists of approximately 135tn steel.