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Helsinki 2016


The Helsinki Building Board awarded the Löyly Building for Rose 2016 Prize
Löyly received the HELSINKI TRAVEL AWARD
2016 Prize


In the spring of 2016, a public sauna and restaurant was completed at Hernesaräe in Helsinki. Its architectural design began in 2011 and Teracon entered the project in the summer of 2014. The final steel structure design was completed in 2015. Teracon’s design range included the design of the actual sauna building and the hollow steel structures at the request of the developer. In addition to this, we modeled every bunch of wood with all its bevels and holes. The warp-bearing steel structure consists mainly of triangles, some of which are directly supported by foundations. In addition, the triangles are supported by steel pillars through the roof of the sauna building. Multidimensional geometry and challenging environmental conditions set their own challenges to both strength calculation and modeling and image production. In practice, almost every manufactured steel part was made with its own production image. You can read Löyly’s story at Löyly’s own website. Steel Structure Sheet 3/2016 is a project presentation by Löyly.


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